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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Video You Need To Know

Video You Need To Know: The Gaslight Anthem, 'American Slang'
It's hot outside. I know, I know. Captain Obvious, reporting for duty. But one thing that's always good for a cooldown is some really good, roll-your-windows-down rock. And that's exactly what we've got here with The Gaslight Anthem's new video, "American Slang."

The Gaslight Anthem excels at making punked-up Springsteen-leaning rock, with crashing guitars, huuuuge choruses and introspective, nostalgic lyrics.

This video, directed by Kevin Custer, pretty much sums up Gaslight's aesthetic: hats, tats and rock and roll. It's comprised largely of black-and-white images of the group making their way around New York City, interspersed with some performance footage of the the Jersey band rocking out on stage.

Check out the video below. American Slang is out now.


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