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Thursday, July 8, 2010

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4 Famous Guys We Think Kristin Cavallari Should Date Next

Aspiring advice-giver Lo Bosworth made a great point on tonight's episode of "The Hills" -- Kristin's the girl that guys drop to their knees for, not the girl who cries over them. Unfortch, none of that seems to matter right now because Brody turned her down and crushed her heart to pieces. Still, we have faith that Kristin will pick herself up and get back into the dating scene, so we've selected the next batch of gents we think she should cozy up to next. Check out our picks:

VINNY (from "Jersey Shore")
Why We'd Hook 'Em Up: Big Game Vinny (we gave him that nickname after learning he smushed two of his roomies during the taping of Season 2) has stepped up his suave factor since his quiet days on Season 1, but he's still the same low-key guy that loves his mama and treats women with respect. We think they'd have a lot of fun fist-pumping together.


Why We'd Hook 'Em Up: This U.S. World Cup soccer star not only makes huge plays on the field, but he's involved in charity work, too. His altruistic endeavors and all-around healthy lifestyle would surely be a great addition to Kristin's world. The only wildcard here is that people are speculating he may reunite with his wife (but hey, if anyone can pull a guy away from the competition, it's K-Cav).

RYAN (from "Real World: New Orleans")
Why We'd Hook 'Em Up: Granted we just met the guy last week (and he has a ways to go before achieving even B-list status), but our inability to figure him out makes him an interesting candidate for fickle K-Cav. He's been in some not-so-healthy relationships in the past, but his newfound promise to abstain from meaningless sex makes us think that, at the very least, he won't hit it and quit it pull a "Brody."

Why We'd Hook 'Em Up: Kristin's done the surfer and drummer boy thing, but -- to our knowledge -- she's never dated a supercute (and talented!) 23-year-old Canadian rapper. Even though Drake held hands with Snooki at the MuchMusic Video Awards last month, K-Cav's brand of feistiness might be more his style.

+ What do you think about our picks? Would you want to see Kristin hook up with any of them? Share your comments!


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